We are Kayla and Jasmine, two girls with a passion for brushing hair…After years of going through hundreds of different brushes and hair straighteners, we still couldn’t find a hairbrush that made it easy to brush our tangled and stubborn hair.

That’s when our journey for the perfect hairbrush began. We backpacked all across Asia and visited companies and designers everywhere. Following several visits,  with product engineers, material suppliers and manufacturing companies, we were so proud to create the perfect hairbrush — the CandyBrush.

This sweet-and-simple hairbrush means the world to us, and we just know that you’re going to love it. It’s a special little treat made with eco-friendly materials and sources, and is designed to untangle your hair as you brush. Enjoy!


Our Mission

To provide the most effective hair brush for tangled, thick and stubborn hair! The CandyBrush was specially-designed to help you achieve the perfect style regardless of your hair type. It’s every girl’s dream to avoid hair fall and brush with ease. Why can’t there be a hairbrush just for that?

We brought a lifetime of hair-tangled experiences along on our search for the perfect hairbrush. From design contours and revolutionary materials to their effects on various hair types and styles, every stage of the production process was personally-tested and tested again to ensure that this hairbrush actually works.

But equally important, the CandyBrush is a product you can feel good about. In a world where so many industries are causing harm to the environment, creating an eco-friendly product should be one of the biggest priorities for achieving a better world. To do our part, we made sure that the CandyBrush aligns with environmentally-sensible values while making it sweet-and-easy to brush your hair.