What’s the Candy Brush all about? Well, that’s easy… I love brushing my hair and I love colorful candy!


Hi, I’m Kala, co-founder of the Candy Brush and lifelong hairstyle enthusiast. I’m from Hawaii, where the weather is warm, the sun loves to shine, and the water is always inviting!



My Experience with Tangled Hair


Growing up, pastime was beach time. Swimming and surfing, sunbathing and volleyball, spending time with friends while relaxing and having fun. If we had downtime, you could always find us beachside with our feet in the sand. Going to the beach was a big part of my life, and who could blame me? I lived in Hawaii, where people would fly from thousands of miles away just to come hang out on the beaches we called home!


When you spend as much time on the beach as I did, you’re going to notice that no matter what kind of hair you have, it’s going to start developing a style of its own. It’s what we call a beachy hairstyle, and sometimes it looks amazing, while other times you just want to comb the beach right out of it.


I practically lived on the beach, and I almost always had a beachy hairstyle. After a while, it became really hard for me to detangle my hair. Combing through the salty hair was really hard, and sometimes, even rinsing it out with water didn’t make things easier. I ended up dealing with a lot of hair fall because my hair was always tangled and I had to pull my brush when combing my hair.


I went through A LOT of hair brush kits growing up. I think I must have tried every single hair straightener brush out there trying to find one that was actually good at detangling my hair. Some detangling brushes worked better than others, but nothing really stood out at being THE detangle hairbrush I was looking for.


Like most island girls, I wanted to explore the outside world when I came of age. Of all the places I could have gone, I decided to move to fabulous Las Vegas! That’s where I met my BFF, Jasmine, who introduced me to the amazing Las Vegas lifestyle. We spent a lot of time going on adventures, partying, and enjoying life — and there wasn’t a beach in sight!


But that didn’t stop my hair from being frizzy and tangled all the time. I think all those years at the beach really messed up my hair, and it looked like the damage was permanent. Oh no! All this time later, and I still couldn’t find the perfect detangle hair brush. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted to solve a girl’s problems, and ended up fulfilling my own life in the process!



The Journey to a Better Hairbrush Begins!


Jasmine and I came up with the idea of a detangling hairbrush that is specially-made for frizzy, tangled, stubborn, and sensitive hair. With so much experience dealing with ineffective hairbrushes, it was time for me to create my own product. So what did we do next? We packed our bags and headed to Asia!


We were on a quest to learn more about all the key product design, manufacturing and distribution processes that could help us reach the goal of creating a hairbrush that actually worked. We wanted to know if we could really make a natural hairbrush that is gentle on the hair and perfect for detangling thick, frizzy, and curly hair.


Our journey took us across the globe to Asia, where we would find some of the most innovative and revolutionary product design and manufacturing resources in the world. Kala and Jasmine — two girls on a quest for the ultimate hairbrush! What girls won’t do for a good hair day, huh?


So there we were, on a backpack journey all over Asia, from Japan and Korea to China and the countries of Southeast Asia. Jasmine and I traveled from one destination to another visiting all the major manufacturers of big brand cosmetics, makeup and hairbrushes. We went behind the scenes and got tons of insight into creating the perfect product. We met with big brand suppliers and built relationships with designers, product engineers and experts on everything from contours and materials to how they affect different types of hair and all the little details that go into designing a hairbrush.


All the while, we had the perfect test subject… me!


My permanent beachy-style hair made it easy to test every single hairbrush model in search of the perfect combination of material and design. To give you some idea how long this took, we were in Asia for 3 whole years trying to design the perfect hair detangler brush!


Unlike so many companies out there, Candy Brush wasn’t willing to settle for anything but the most eco-friendly materials and advanced manufacturing technology processes. We didn’t come all this way to help pollute the world and add to the waste that was already harming our planet. When creating Candy Brush, we had to turn down a lot of designs and manufacturers because the product didn’t align with our values for a cleaner, better world. If it took longer to design and create a product with a smaller carbon footprint than the traditional hairbrush, that’s exactly what we were going to do!



The Candy Brush is Born!


After several years of searching and designing the perfect hairbrush, the Candy Brush was finally born! The look is as simple and sweet as candy. We wanted to create a cute hairbrush for girls and woman of all ages to enjoy. But don’t let its simple look fool you — so much went into designing this product so you can enjoy brushing your hair, and actually get the results you want!


Today, Candy Brush is the only hairbrush I ever use. I take it everywhere — especially when I go to the beach or before a night out! It’s just the perfect hairbrush. And you can order your very own Candy Brush right now through our online store, which we’ve created so you can save money and enjoy our fun and quality products without having to pay extra at the retailers.


At Candy Brush, we believe that every product can use a personal touch. We love our Candy Brush, and we’re sure you will love it too!



Thanks for stopping by!

Kala & Jasmine